• Officiant to conduct your wedding ceremony
  • Officiant to attend or direct your rehearsal (optional for additional fee)
  • Choice of ceremony style–religious, non-religious, traditional, contemporary, civil, short and sweet, second time around, family inclusive, interfaith, multi-cultural, bilingual, vow renewal
  • Choice of vows, readings, blessings, traditions and special touches
  • Consultation/Ceremony Planning Session with Officiant
  • Paperwork completion (filing of marriage license)
  • Communication with venue and vendors
  • Officiant’s preparation time to practice your customized ceremony and familiarize her/himself with all the details of your ceremony and rehearsal
  • Travel time and expenses (trip fees only apply to areas outside Collin County)

NOTE: Please note: No additional fees for:

  • Travel/mileage to weddings, rehearsals or consultations within the Collin County. Trip fees only apply outside the Collin County.
  • Special ceremonies such as the unity candle, sand ceremony, rose presentation, or
  • Any other traditions or special touches you wish to include in your ceremony (Items to be provided by Participants).
  • Ceremonial items to be provided by couple wedding.
  • Personalizing your ceremony to your specifications. Personalization is included in the Open Hearts Package. After all, it’s YOUR love story!
  • Extra emails, phone calls, consultations. These are unlimited for your convenience.

Open Hearts Texas Wedding Fees*
Fees and Payment Schedule

Mark all applicable fees.  Retainer Fees are non-refundable.

Ceremony/Rehearsal Fees*

⎕ Ceremony Only ($350) - Retainer ($100) Balance ($250)

⎕ Elopement - Officiant's location ($150) - Retainer ($50) Balance ($100)

⎕ Elopement - Couple's location ($200) - Retainer ($50) Balance ($150)

⎕ Simple Vow Renewal - Couple's location ($150) - Retainer ($50) - Balance ($100) - no rehearsal ceremony

⎕ Holiday Fees

⎕ Additional Fee for Holiday Ceremony ($50)

⎕ Additional Fee for Holiday Rehearsal ($50)

⎕ Trip Fees (outside Collin County)

⎕ Ceremony Trip Fee ($50-$150)

⎕ Rehearsal Trip Fee ($50-$150)

Discuss trip fee with Officiant as fee depends on distance outside Collin County.

NOTE: Please contact us immediately if there are any changes in rehearsal/ceremony times or locations, as this may determine whether your Officiant is still available.

NOTE: Balance of all fees due 2 weeks prior to wedding date. Pay Balance to Open Hearts Texas.  

Upon confirmation of ceremony booking by Open Hearts Texas, please pay your retainer fee (below) by Credit Card

 Open Hearts Texas - Wedding Rehearsal Agreement

We believe it is very important to have your Open Hearts Texas Officiant attend your rehearsal, whether directing it entirely or conducting only the Officiant’s part. This ensures that all the details of the wedding ceremony are communicated correctly and leaves nothing to chance. Changes are often made at the rehearsal that may be forgotten to be communicated. The Officiant, above all, is the one who needs to be aware of all the ceremony details since she is the one who conducts the ceremony.

Due to the Open Hearts Texas Officiants full wedding schedules on weekends, it is important for you to fill out all your worksheets.   Any changes will be communicated to your Officiant.

The Open Hearts Texas Officiant can direct your entire rehearsal from the entrance all the way through the exit, or can assist the venue’s Coordinator or your personal Wedding Consultant by conducting only the Officiant’s part. They will work together as a team to make your ceremony flawless.

The allotted time for a rehearsal is one hour. If the bridal party and / or family members are late according to the rehearsal time stated on the agreement, then the remainder of that hour will be used to conduct the rehearsal. If more time is needed due to a late start, and if the Officiant is available, then a fee of $25.00 per each additional 15 minutes beyond the hour allotted will be charged until the rehearsal is finished. The overtime fee must be paid after the rehearsal is concluded. To accommodate your rehearsal dinner festivities, as well as the Open Hearts Texas Officiant’s schedule, we ask that you please have your bridal party and family members ready to rehearse on time. This will make everyone happy - the Bride and Groom, the Officiant, the venue, the vendors, the restaurant, etc. By starting on time, you will also save money.

When all the players on the stage know their parts, you will have a more successful performance. Remember, this is the most important day of your life. Make sure all the players are ready for the performance of a lifetime.

Reminder: Balance must be paid in full 2 weeks before wedding date. Late start fees must be paid at the conclusion of the rehearsal.

Military, Police, Firefighter and Teacher Discount 25%

NOTE: Discounts are given as our way of saying thank you for serving our nation.  We appreciate your sacrifices.

*An additional fee of $50 will be assessed for weddings and rehearsals that fall on the following holidays (in addition to Trip Fees, if applicable:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • Memorial Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • 4th of July
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Labor Day
  • Easter
  • Thanksgiving
  • Mother’s Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Father’s Day
  • Christmas Day

Holiday Weddings – Additional $50
Holiday Rehearsals – Additional $50

* The Fine Print:
Deposit and Signed Agreements (Clergy Services Agreement and Rehearsal Agreement) are required to reserve your wedding date and time.
Balance is due 2 weeks prior to wedding date. If payment is not received 2 weeks before wedding, only cash will be accepted before ceremony begins.
Methods of Payment: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, checks, money orders or cash.
Overtime/Late Charges: We allow 1 hour for the rehearsal and 1 hour for the ceremony. For weddings and rehearsals that do not start on time, a fee of $25 per each additional 15 minutes beyond the allotted hour will be charged provided minister’s schedule allows him to remain past allotted time frame. However, many times the minister must get to another wedding or rehearsal immediately. Having everyone ready to start on time will make everyone happy and save you money.

Non-payment of Services: For non-payment of services by the time services are rendered, Marriage License will be held unsigned by minister until all fees have been paid in full. Marriage License becomes null and void after 90 days of wedding date if not signed and recorded within that time. We appreciate payment for all services one (1) weeks before date of wedding to avoid any delay in processing your marriage license.

Printable Information sheet, Rehearsal and Wedding Contact available on Contact Us Page, click on blue button.


Cash, Money Order or Credit Card Accepted.
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover cards